The other day, my wife and I enrolled our granddaughter, Katie, in kindergarten. Now what I’m about to tell you is old news as this has been going on for at least a couple of decades. But, what I’m about to tell you is so subtle that most people don’t even realize what is going on.
When we enrolled her, we were given a list of things she would need. I won’t go into the specifics of the list here, but suffice it to say that some of the items were for Katie’s use. There were other things, though, that were not for her use exclusively. Such as about two dozen pencils. When I was in school, that would have lasted me about two years. Not so now. We have to supply this many pencils to be placed in “the pot” and . . . here we go . . . REDISTRIBUTED to all of the students. Redistribution is basic socialism. There are other items that are set to be “redistributed” to all the students too.
Oh, and, let’s not forget our “payment” to the government. We have to supply dry erase markers . . . not for Katie, not for students, but for THE TEACHER! That’s right – we have to buy some of the teacher’s supplies too.
This is another place I really draw the line. I’ve paid Special Local Option Sales Taxes for years supporting the school system. I’ve listened to the extortion by the local school system threatening voters with increased property taxes even more if the SPLOST is voted down. I have paid property taxes to support the school system for years. The school system receives State and Federal funds. The students are told their school is “poor” to get them to sell door-to-door to raise funds for their school. My question: just where is all this money going?
See how very subtle this is? It gets people used to the idea almost from the crib. Is it any wonder that only 53% of Americans favor capitalism over socialism? Is it really surprising this has surfaced in our public school system? Not really. The tenth “plank” of THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO is and I quote: “Free education for all children in public schools.”


Haven’t heard the ratings on President Obama lately? Might be a reason for that.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, those who “Strongly Approve” of the president has been dropping steadily since he took office. As of July 10, 2009, those who strongly approve of the job Obama is doing has fallen 7% in almost as many months which brings him close to former President Bush’s all time low – in just six months. Conversely, the percentage of those who “Strongly Disapprove” of the job Obama is doing has steadily risen to nearly 40%. Considering the vast majority Americans oppose the Cap and Tax bill, opposed the Economic Stimulus Pork Bill, oppose Obamacare, this isn’t surprising.

Let’s keep going. According to the latest GALLUP POLL: Obama’s approval rating is now down to an average of 62% for the second quarter of the year. According to Gallup, Obama’s approval rating has been at or below 62% since early June 2009 “with only a couple of exceptions.”

It gets even better. According to Rasmussen, if we held presidential elections today, Obama would be anything but a shoo-in. Obama would be tied with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney at 45%. If Sarah Palin were the Republican nominee, Obama would edge her out with 48% compared to her 42%. Click HERE to see the Rasmussen article. Seems all those leftist attacks on former Governor Palin haven’t exactly worked very well.

Congressional elections are coming up. Any coincidence that Obamacare is losing support among key Democrats in Congress? I think they are well aware of these numbers and know the dissent is rising. This means there is a good likelihood many Democrats will start losing their jobs next year. Good. Needs to happen. They are obviously not voting the will of the people and not representing us.

One can only imagine what these numbers will be like at the end of 2009 – at the end of 2010 – at the end of 2011 – and 2012 is coming . . .



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