Here’s an example of how fed up mainstream America is with what’s going on in Washington. In this brief post on the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee site, those who are pushing back against the Washington Socialist agenda, & letting their voices be heard as guaranteed by the First Amendment of our Constitution (read it & weep, Washington!) are referred to as a “serious threat.” Good! Scott Brown is running for Ted Kennedy’s vacant seat in Massachusetts, & is reportedly in a dead heat with his Democratic opponent (can you believe it?), District Attorney Martha Coakley.

Fight Back Against The Scott Brown Moneybomb

TUE JAN 12 2010 12:00:00 GMT-0500 (EST) | BY ARJUN JAIKUMAR

Republican Scott Brown raised over $1.3 million yesterday from national Republicans in a Ron Paul-styled “moneybomb”, as the radical right wing of the national Republican Party hopes to seize Ted Kennedy’s seat and block health care reform and the rest of President Obama’s agenda.

The tea-party fringe of the GOP is a serious threat and they will elect genuine right-wing radicals if we don’t fight back.

You can fight back right now by contributing to the DSCC. Martha Coakley needs your support now, with only days until the election.

This shows the fight against higher taxes, government take-over of our healthcare system, and spending in one year that has far exceeded the total spent by the Bush administration has gotten the liberal left’s attention. The far left-wing Democrats fear not only this special election on January 19th, but the upcoming mid-term elections later this year. That’s the reason why Obama has not been able to get it through Congress, despite the media’s accusations of Republicans being “obstructionists”. There are more than enough Democrats in Congress for the bill to go through easily. But the problem Obama is having is with his own party. The Democrats know that whoever votes for the government healthcare takeover will likely lose their jobs come election time. The Democrats are why the healthcare takeover has not passed Congress, DSCC, not the Republicans or anyone else.

Brown may not win, but the fact that the race is so extremely close that it is indicative of how angry mainstream America is with what’s going on in Washington. There have to be many Democrats, or now former Democrats that plan to vote for Brown for the race to be this close in a state like Massachusetts. Whether Brown wins or not, the message will be clear: Americans are fighting back using not the court system with carefully chosen cases to bypass the legislative process, but the most powerful weapon there is against a government that is bent on creating a Socialist state with a population forced into dependency on it: THE BALLOT BOX.


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