The Washington Democrats and a few others better be. As many of you know, Massachusetts held a special election yesterday to fill the Senate seat vacated by the passing of Ted Kennedy. What happened was not thought possible, even just a few months ago. The Democrats lost the Massachusetts Senate seat that had been held by Ted Kennedy for 47 years! MASSACHUSETTS STATE SENATOR SCOTT BROWN defeated ATTORNEY GENERAL MARTHA COAKLEY by a margin of 52% to 47%, with 1% going to JOE KENNEDY who ran as a Libertarian/Independent. Brown is the first Republican from Massachusetts to be elected to the U. S. Senate since 1972. Click HERE for the story.

This is major blow to the Democratic party. Massachusetts is a state where registered Democrats outnumber Replubicans 3-1. It’s obvious there are many Democrats who are fed up with what has been going on in Washington for the past year. Without Democrats crossing over to vote for Senator Brown on a large scale, there is no way he could have won this election. The Democrat majority in Congress has failed to listen to the will of the people on things like the TARP bad debt purchases by the government, the government healthcare takeover legislation, and the spend-our-way-out-of-a-recession to the tune of trillions of dollars “stimulus bill. Democratic voters have seen what has been happening in Washington for a year now, and many have joined Republicans, Libertarians, and others in pushing back against an agenda that ignores the will of the people. Washington should have heeded the warnings of the numbers of attendees at the TEA PARTY protests. They did not. Now the consequences of not listening to those for whom the Washington politicians work have started. It’s not just Democrats who better be listening either. There are some RINO’s with short memories who better pay attention too.