Here is another shining example of the ludicrous left trying to impress the public. This is Chris Matthews on MSNBC, which very little of the American viewing public watches anyway (TV BY THE NUMBERS and BROADCASTING CABLE), with one serious case of foot-in-mouth disease.

This should enrage black people everywhere. Saying that he forgot he was black insinuates very strongly that the president performed as well as a white president. How else can this be interpreted? What difference does it make if President Obama were white, black, or whatever? It has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Not only did Matthews make a huge blunder here, but, instead of letting it go and hoping it would slip under the radar, he goes on and on along racial lines bringing more attention to it.

Let’s play a game for a few minutes called, “Can You Imagine?” The object is to imagine someone other than a liberal/progressive/whatever they are calling themselves this week said this. Here we go.

Can you imagine what would happen if I said to any black person, “You did a great job . . . for a while I forgot you were black!” Yeah, we know, and the subsequent explosion would be more than justified. Arrogant? Very. Surprising to hear it from the left? No. Before they level any accusations of being racist at conservatives, just maybe they need to look at some of their own revered icons.

Can you imagine what would happen if . . . Sean Hannity of Fox News had said this? You guessed it . . . a liberal media explosion. There would be no justifications accepted by the left, only accusations of their favorite, “racism”, then “hate-mongering”, “hate speech” by the “radical right wingnuts”. With the upcoming November mid-term elections with all the polls showing incumbent Democrats being in big trouble, such a remark would of course be tied to the Republican party, no matter how far they had to stretch their imagination to do it.

Can you imagine what would happen if . . . Rush Limbaugh had said this? See Sean Hannity above. Bullhorn sales would go through the roof.

Can you imagine what would happen if . . . Sarah Palin had said this? See Rush Limbaugh above again. The left is doing it’s best to destroy her now because they are very afraid she will be a presidential candidate in 2012, so the media blitz would be incredible. There would be more name-calling than any of us could imagine . . . twenty-four hours a day for the next three months. The left already made a big deal of out Ms. Palin writing notes on her hand with even White House spokesman Robert Gibbs putting in his less than two cents worth (click HERE for the New York Daily News article). The firestorm from this one would be enormous.

Very good! You get an A+ for getting them all right!

It’s nothing more than the same old double standard. No one in the media has brought this up, and no one has called Matthews out for his insensitive and unacceptable comment, not even Obama supporters. But then, there are not that many Obama supporters left, so scratch that last one.

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