It really isn’t hard to find examples of the left’s irrationality and terroristic tactics. The left is quick to criticize the Tea Party protests, but what is in the video below is OK.

This is a video of a protest by the SERVICE EMPLOYEES INTERNATIONAL UNION and the NATIONAL PEOPLE’S ACTION, another “community organizing” group. This protest did not take place on public property. It was not a march down a city street. This group of people, with the assistance of the local police, went to the HOME of GREGORY BAER, who is the Bank of America’s Deputy General Counsel. The Baer’s teenage son was at home alone and was terrorized the entire time by this mob. Their son spent the entire time locked in the bathroom. Like any other reasonable person, he had no idea who or what they were, or if their intent was to enter the home or what. Now that this information is public, do you think the SEIU or NPA has issued any kind of apology for this? No, of course not. The reason being this was a leftist protest, not a conservative one. If the Tea Party protestors had done something like this, every bull-horn carrying liberal in the country would have been demanding an apology, an investigation, and we would have had this on all of the news channels 24/7 for weeks on end. By their silence, the SEIU and NPA condoned the terrorizing of this teenage boy.

The ironic thing here is the main theme of the protest was home foreclosures and the bank’s opposition to the government’s version of financial reform. The woman in this video whose son was killed in a car accident and supposedly received a collection call from Bank of America half an hour after the coroner left her home (and I say “supposedly” because the left is known for staging such protests with false stories to further their agenda; the account she gives could be totally false, partly false, or 100% true – we have no way of knowing), complained that the debt collector, who she identified as “Annette”, did not offer condolences upon being told of the family’s tragedy. Instead, “Annette” said that the call was from a debt collector and the call may be recorded or monitored. While there may be debt collectors that may make this announcement live, I have never heard of any. When you hear this statement, it’s a phonebot. Some phonebots are programmed with the caller’s name, and are programmed to start the recorded message when you pick up and say “Hello.” I’ve received a number of these calls (wrong numbers, looking for someone else – this is one the reasons having to change your telephone number really stinks!) and not one made this announcement live. For me, that case a shadow of doubt on her story.

I have a suggestion for this bunch. If you want to get at the real cause of the home foreclosure crisis, go have this same protest on the front porch of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., 20500-0004, (202) 456-1111. Although some of those responsible for the home mortgage crisis, specifically Former Presidents JIMMY CARTER and BILL CLINTON, are obviously no longer in residence. Here’s another video that explains how we got where we are now:

Of course, the SEIU and the NPA are not about to hold Carter, Clinton, or Obama responsible for any of it. Far be it from government to EVER get us into any kind of mess.

Well, the protests didn’t stop here. The SEIU and NPA also stormed BANK LOBBIES with their protests, not considering for even a second young children or senior citizens might be inside terrorized at their terroristic acts. It could have caused someone with certain medical problems to die. They didn’t care. Besides, such actions at a bank are a violation of many Federal laws. You think there was any investigation or arrests? Nope. Nor will they be. Double standard time, it was a leftist protest, so they have the Immunity Idol.

And of course, Obama is tied to the SEIU. Between January 2009 and October 2009, Andrew Stern formerly of the SEIU was a frequent visitor to the White House meeting with Obama administration officials (SOURCE)(SOURCE). Stern retired from the SEIU in April 2010. There have been many other protests including in a CEO’s front yard (SOURCE).

Heather Tobis Booth, formerly of the extreme leftist STUDENTS FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY, is now head of the liberal anti-capitalist AMERICANS FOR FINANCIAL REFORM, which is a major organizing force behind the SEIU’s SHOWDOWN IN AMERICA. Booth is also the founder of USACTION, formerly Citizen Action until REPRESENTATIVE JAN SHAKOWSKY’S husband’s illegal activities caused Citizen Action to collapse into USAction. Just like ACORN’s demise and renaming.

Oh, I bet you’re wondering just how radically left USAction is? Here is another video of the organization’s president, William McNary, embracing the COMMUNIST PARTY OF AMERICA.

Well, you get the idea. And the leftist wingnuts talk about the Tea Party?
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2 Responses to “SEIU-NPA TERRORISM”

  1. missdisplaced Says:

    Honestly I don’t care. The only people that seem to keep complaining about this BofA CEO protest are the very same people who seem to think it is OK to carry guns to a political rally and blow up abortion clinics. Enough said.

  2. thefirstamendmentnotpoliticallycorrect Says:

    First, this was not the home of the BofA CEO. Second, there is absolutely no justification for storming onto someone’s private property, including their front porch, and terrorizing someone’s family members, especially a child. Apparently that is OK with you.

    There is no justification for doing the same in bank lobbies full of customers, including young children and senior citizens. This could have caused a senior citizen to have a heart attack and die. Apparently that is OK too.

    Your example of blowing up abortion clinics is without merit in this case. Anyone who does so is a criminal, beginning and end. Mainstream America, which the vast majority are conservative, does not condone such.

    And as for people carrying guns, they were carrying them legally. Was there any violence at all from any of these people? No. The leftist protestors can’t say that.

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