This incident occurred on September 23, 2010. A citizen was assaulted for refusing to stop filming during a speech by Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Kitzhaber at the EMMANUEL TEMPLE CHURCH in Portland, Oregon.  The event was a citzen forum where the public was invited.  Watch the intimidation tactics before the assault.  Watch the reaction of “Charles McC” when faced with someone who doesn’t back down from the bullying.  They resort to one of the things for which the liberal left has been known for decades – physical violence.

Even though the event took place in a church which is private property, it was a public event with a public figure.  In that case, people can’t be told not to photograph or record.  Public events are just that – public.  The press and anyone else can attend, record, and photograph without having to ask permission.

Nevertheless, there is no excuse for assaulting someone under these circumstances.  Shoulda gone to jail? Yep, shoulda.  Will they? Nope.


Ted Strickland is up for re-election as Governor of Ohio. Governor Strickland recently went on a tirade claiming the Republican Party has been taken over by Tea Party radicals and extremists.  THAT’S “tolerance” if I ever heard it!  Hear for yourself.

So here is a Republican staffer and Iraq war veteran, Clayton Henson, who was videotaping Governor Strickland’s speech at a campaign event in Lucasville, Ohio.  A Strickland supporter poured hot coffee down his back and then made obscene gestures towards Mr. Henson as he walked away.

This lefty is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Caught on camera, very nice and clear shot of his face for all to see.  I’m glad Mr. Henson kept his composure enough to get this character’s face on film.

It’s very interesting the only incidents of violence against those who hold a different political ideology are perpetrated by liberal leftists.  We all know that if there was any incident of a leftist being physically assaulted by a conservative, it would be on every news service in the country for days, maybe even weeks.  It seems these incidents are becoming more frequent.

If you know who this individual is or have seen him, please call the Scioto County, Ohio Sheriff’s Department at (740) 497-1120.  Feel free to share this with everyone so we can hopefully put this guy behind bars where he belongs.


This one can’t be blamed on Bush.  Obama owns this one lock, stock, and barrel.  The Obama administration plans to introduce a bill to Congress next year that would require all Internet communication services to be able to comply with wiretap orders.  Included are encrypted e-mail transmitting devices such as  Blackberries, social networking sites such as Facebook, and even software that allows direct person-to-person contact like Skype.  If passed, the law would include allowing the government to intercept and unscramble messages.

This has very obvious possibilities for abuse.  The stated purpose of course is to monitor suspected terrorists.  But given this administration’s designation of those who oppose Obama’s policies as terrorist threats, the FBI, CIA, and NSA could eavesdrop on many law-abiding Americans (over half of us according to the most recent poll numbers showing a clear majority of voters disapproving of Obama’s policies).

The FBI tried to head off objections by the public.  According to the New York Times ARTICLE that reported this, FBI General Counsel Valerie E. Caproni said, “We’re talking about lawfully authorized intercepts. We’re not talking about expanding authority. We’re talking about preserving our ability to execute our existing authority in order to protect the public safety and national security.” Oh really.  Has Ms. Caproni NOT read the Homeland Security report issued by Janet Neopolitan characterizing anyone who believes the Bible, is a veteran, supports the Tea Party, or any one or combination of these as a terrorist threat?  Is she REALLY not aware of Obama asking citizens to report anyone sending e-mails or blogging that opposed his Socialist health care bill?  Anyone believing that this would be used in such a limited context is very naive indeed.

Social Security is a great example of the “limited context” claims by the government.  When Social Security first came into being, the government assured everyone that their information and Social Security numbers would never be used for anything but receiving Social Security benefits.  I even still have a Social Security card that says, “Not to be used for identification purposes.”  Just try to buy a house or conduct any number of personal business transactions while exercising your right not to give out your Social Security number.  Just try to get a job without  providing it.

The “limited context” never ever stays limited.  It’s ever-expanding, many times well under the public’s radar as regulations are tweaked along the way every single year.

So far, I don’t hear loud protests of the left like we did with the passage of the Patriot Act.  I haven’t heard anything from the liberal left about “invasion of privacy”, “warrantless wiretaps”, and on and on.  It will be very interesting indeed to see the left’s reaction to this considering it’s originating from a wildly leftist Democrat administration and can’t be blamed on Bush.  Yes, Obama owns this one . . . totally.


In late May 2010, Wellesley, Massachusetts public middle school kids were taken on a field trip to the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center.  This is a Saudi-funded “mega-mosque” operated by the Muslim American Society of Boston.  When the students arrived, they were separated according to gender and asked to join the Muslim adults in their prayer.  Several of the male students did so.

So, just where is the outcry from the liberal left? Where is the ACLU on this one?  It’s the old double-standard once again.  If this school had taken the students to a Christian church, the ACLU would have been there filing one of their agenda-pushing lawsuits in about five minutes.  We would have been hearing the progressives screaming “separation of church and state” ad infinitum on all of the leftist media outlets.

Obviously, the leftist lawsuit-filing wingnuts don’t apply the same standards to all religion when it comes to the mythical separation of church and state.  Maybe a “mosque” isn’t a “church”, and the left doesn’t consider Islam a religion.


Here is a video posted by Palestinian Media Watch from PLO aka Palestinian Authority television.  It’s a song, “Bracelets Replaced with Weapons, Pull the Trigger”.  Put this together with a Palestinian editorial, KILLING OF ISRAELIS MUST BE TIMED JUST RIGHT, SAYS PA, and we can quickly see the negotiations taking place in which the U.S. is involved between Israel and the PLO are pointless.  What the Palestinians tell us in English, which is their desire for peace and condemning terrorist acts, and what they broadcast there are two entirely different things.  The Palestinians have refused several times Israel’s offers of 100% of the land they want.  The Palestinians don’t want peace, and they are interested in only one thing:  the total destruction of Israel ala Iran.


In the Dekalb County, Georgia town of Clarkston which is near Atlanta, Steve Miller has been growing vegetables for fifteen years.  He takes some of his harvest to farmers’ markets and sells it, and gives produce away too.  Sound innocent and harmless?  Not in Dekalb County.  This past January, code enforcement officers gave Mr. Miller a citation for growing “too many crops” and having unpermitted employees.

According to an article in CREATIVE LOAFING, the code enforcement officer states that Mr. Miller can’t have a vegetable farm.  The author of the article researched Dekalb County’s codes and made several calls to district Commissioner Burell Ellis’s office.  The closest Mr. Miller comes to violating county codes is the use of land in a residential area for commercial gain.  In other words, the problem is that he sells some of the produce, not the fact that he grows it.  Even the Dekalb County Office of Planning and Development states the law is vague and is there to prevent large commercial operations from locating in residential areas.
After the visit from Dekalb County Code Enforcement, Mr. Miller stopped growing his vegetables while he got his property rezoned.  While the rezoning request was pending, the county put Mr. Miller’s case on hold. The rezoning was approved.  No problem, right? Wrong!  After the rezoning, Dekalb County is persisting and is moving forward to prosecute Mr. Miller.  Their excuse? He broke the rules earlier. So, the county’s reasoning is that when a citizen is put on notice that something he is doing is against the law, that person stops the activity, takes the necessary steps to come into compliance, then gets prosecuted for what he was doing BEFORE he knew what he was doing was wrong?  Dekalb County’s Code Enforcement Office must have former Congress members or Obama administration employees working there.  This is the kind of thing one would expect from Washington.

Alice Rolls, who is the Executive Director of GEORGIA ORGANICS, predicts more cases like this as vegetable gardening makes a comeback in urban areas.  What she is expecting is local governments to try to stop people from trying to survive in the times in which we are living.  It’s amazing to me that back yard gardens may be found to be illegal.  Common sense is certainly not governing here.  People who are trying to eat healthy but can’t afford to pay $2.00 each for bell peppers, $1.50 each for tomatoes, and so on may be systematically criminalized.

Personally, I believe the real issue here is that it is the private production of food.  Over the past few years, the government has been attacking food co-ops.  Examples (all have clickable links to the sources):

December 1, 2008: JOHN and JACQUELINE STOWERS of LaGrange, Ohio, raided by the local Sheriff’s Department, the Lorain County Health Department, and the Ohio Department of Agriculture because they operated an organic food co-op, the Manna Storehouse.  Officers confiscated over $10,000 worth of food, and even took the Stowers’ food that was not part of the co-op that was there for the family’s consumption.  The raid was conducted just like the drug raids you see on television.  Officers held the family, the Stowers’ son, and grandchildren, some toddlers, at gun point for over six hours while their home was searched.

February 11, 2009: Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a pre-dawn raid on ANGEL FOOD MINISTRIES, which sells food to needy families for about half the normal retail cost through churches, and took boxes of records.  The question was about the salaries the founders and other amily members were taking from the charity.  The founder, his wife, and two sons earned over $500,000 each.    (SOURCE 1 SOURCE 2)  The question I have is this:  why hasn’t the FBI investigated charities like the United Way CEO, Gloria King, who was getting paid $380,000 salary as of November of 2009 and a $2.1 million retirement package, or the CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society, Steven Sanderson, at $938,000, according to a CBSNEWS.COM article, RECESSION-PROOF JOB? NON-PROFIT CEO.

February 4, 2010, Kinzers, Pennsylvania: U. S. Food and Drug Administration agents enter the property of an Amish family, Dan Allgyer.  They entered his property without permission disregarding “No Trespassing” signs. Agents Joshua Shafer and Deborah Haney claimed Mr. Allgyer was selling milk to the public.  Mr. Allgyer stated his was a private farm and he did not sell milk to the public.  The agents reasoning?  “Well, you have cows.  You cannot be consuming all the milk you produce.”  Mr. Allgyer called his attorney, and his attorney asked him to have the agents call him. They refused, not once, but around six times.  The agents then went to a neighboring property and watched Mr. Allgyer’s activities, surveillance style.  A visitor there left and the agents followed the visitor about fifty miles.  The visitor finally called 9-1-1 and reported someone had been following him.  The highway patrol pulled the agents over and the visitor, Ivan, pulled over too.  The agents told the state troopers they were conducting an investigation and were following Ivan because they suspected he had a load off the farm in the back of his truck and they wanted samples.  Ivan’s truck was empty.  The agents proceeded to record information on a piece of paper.  When Ivan questioned why they were taking down information without cause, the agents’ response was they had cause, the fact Ivan just so-happened to be there at the farm and he just so-happened to leave.  That clears it up for me.  (SOURCE) (SOURCE)

Additonal note:  Federal agents are still at it with Mr. Allgyer.  April 2010, two USDA agents,  two U. S. Marshalls, and a State Trooper, arrived at 5:00 a. m. to inspect his cow-milking facility and served him with a notice the next day that he was engaging in the interstate sale of raw milk.  Mr. Allgyer was threatened with “seizure of an injunction” if Mr. Allgyer didn’t play the government’s game (SOURCE) (SOURCE)

June 30, 2010: Rawesome Foods in Venice, California, an organic food store, was raided by police with guns drawn to confiscate . . . cartons of raw goat and cow milk, unpasteurized goat cheese, and other grocery items Al-Qaeda terrorists could use against us. (Los Angeles Times, RAW FOOD RAID HIGHLIGHTS A HUNGER)  Don’t believe it?  Here’s the video from one of Rawesome Foods’ security cameras.

Need I go on?  This latest attack on private food supplies in Dekalb County is in line with the Federal government’s objections to private citizens having any kind of private food supplies and the absolute atrocity of helping people without government programs or control.

If border security were pursued this vigorously, there would be  no illegals coming in to the U.S.  If I lived in Dekalb County, I think I would send their Code Enforcement office pictures of me . . . plowing.


Here are a couple of videos of more left wingnuts trying to infiltrate the Tea Party to try to make it appear something it is not.  If they were a football team, they would be clobbered in the first quarter with just that one play in their playbook.  This took place at the ST. LOUIS RALLY on September 12, 2010.

Following is an example of the Tea Party policing itself when a Tea Party supporter does show up with offensive or putting forth ideas not in line with Tea Party ideals.  This gentleman had a sign that compared Obama with Adolf Hitler.