Here is a video posted by PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH that appeared on official Hamas Television which calls for the murder of all Christians, Jews, and Communists “to the last one.” This is a regular pronouncement by the Palestinian Liberation Organization, aka Palistinian Authority (Fatah) as well as Hamas.

By the way, if you are a liberal that espouses the idea of Communism or Socialism, you’re on the kill list too.  Hamas does not hold to the “virtuous” ideal of tolerance to which the leftists claim to do.

Anyone sympathetic to Hamas, think about what your life under Sharia law would be like.  Better think fast, you wouldn’t have long.


This was posted by Sherrie, a fellow blogger on December 1, 2010.  Sherrie writes SHERRIE QUESTIONING ALL, and was the subject of a very bizarre, but not surprising, investigation by Child Protective Services.

Sherrie got a call from CPS stating they had received a complaint possible child abuse.  This alone would rattle anyone.  But it goes downhill from here.  CPS interviewed her daughter at school and asked questions about whether or not her mother had solar panels, EXACTLY where they went camping and hiking, and whether or not they had, get this, STORED FOOD.  Sherrie’s daughter was also asked if her mother had any guns, spoke of the end of the world, if the house had been remodeled, and whether or not they had a safe room such as a bomb shelter.  Sherrie also caught the CPS investigator in a lie.  The investigator had told her that she did not know Sherrie’s daughter’s father did not live with them, but the truth was her daughter had told her that at the school interview.  Sherrie wisely called her sister and some neighbors and asked them to be witnesses during the CPS interview.  Sherrie’s sister also videotaped the interview.  Here are the three that clips Sherrie posted.
Now, read Sherrie’s account of the entire series of events by clicking HERE.  It’s far too lengthy to repost here, but it is vitally important that you read her entire account.

This happened in November, and it was not in another country.  It was right her in America.

The line of questioning here was in perfect alignment with the Department of Homeland Security’s REPORT issued on April 7, 2009 classifying anyone who opposed the Obama administration’s policies, was a veteran, held Christian beliefs especially those who believe in end-time Bible prophecies, believe in the Constitutional sovereignty of States, stockpiles food and/or weapons as right-wing extremists.  Read the report for yourself, and it will be very obvious that Sherrie has been so classified somewhere along the line.

This type of information gathering is very convenient for government.  The person being investigated has extremely limited rights and no right to the identity of the complainant.  Very convenient indeed.

I’m not stopping here.  It gets even better as if this wasn’t more than enough.  One of her blog readers was investigated by CPS for . . . . feeding his children organic food, drinks non-flouridated water, and had a bug-out bag.  The police were even there during the investigation. This one happened around the end of September 2010.  Click HERE for the story.  I know it will take a while, but please read this one too. It is vital you see what is going on.  The specific allegations here are quite ridiculous.

In the case of Sherrie’s reader, this shows the importance of having the facts to back up your position.  It’s ludicrous that we have to stand ready for these attacks, but in this form, they come unannounced.  You better be prepared.

There is also something else to keep in mind.  In those instances where you must have dealings with any government agency, be it local, state, or Federal, and regardless of the type of agency, do not give any more information about you, your family, or your activities than you absolutely must in order to conduct the business at hand.  Agencies share information with each other, upon request, and they don’t need your permission to do it.  Even in such cases where they do need your permission, any information about you can be shared without your knowledge making it nearly impossible to uncover violations of privacy laws.


Nothing new, what we all already knew.  In an ARTICLE posted by ARUTZ 7, the Israel National News Service, Wikileaks released documents this past Sunday showing Saudi Arabia provide the vast majority of funding to terror groups such as Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, and others.  Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and others are among the other Middle Eastern countries funding such groups.  A lot of the money is collected from donors travelling to Saudi Arabia during the Islamic month of Ramadan according to a memo from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton date December 30, 2009.  

While the Saudi government has made a cursory effort to discourage such funding (only after pressure from the U. S. to stop it), Kuwait and Qatar have refused to so. Saudi Arabia’s effort was the arrest of forty people who were members of a so-called charity that was funding terrorism, and a “religious decree” against supporting terror groups.  Yessiree, THAT’s taking it seriously for sure.  Sort of like our “formal protests” against terrorist attacks against the U. S. over the past forty years, and we all know what that got us.

And just why do we continue to maintain friendly relations with Saudi Arabia?  Glad you asked.  The relationship between the U. S. is, in my opinion, a symbiotic one.  We maintain a military presence there which bolsters their national defense in protecting their oil fields.  Saudi Arabia is a very strategic location militarily speaking.  In turn, Saudi Arabia “lets” us buy their oil from them.

This is all the more reason to drill here.  America needs to get independent, or at least mostly independent of the terrorist oil nations.  We have enough oil here to last us for many years.  This would buy us enough time to allow the normal evolution of technology to develop alternative energy sources.  The past 35 years has shown that you can’t conserve your way out of a problem.  While conservation and cutting waste (something Washington is DEFINITELY not into doing) are good and right things to do, they won’t solve the problem.  Increasing production here in the U. S. is the answer for the near future to allow technology to develop.  We don’t need to continue to be at the mercy of nations who only like what we give them, and we certainly don’t need to keep on handing our money over to fund terrorist activities.

If we were to become independent of Middle East oil, I think we would see very quickly Saudi Arabia’s true colors regarding the United States.


Today is December 7th.  On this day 69 years ago, at 7:53 a.m. and 8:55 a.m., the Japanese conducted a surprise attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor.  2,403 service men were killed that day.  We must not forget their sacrifice, nor the ones who survived.

Click HERE to read a first-hand account of one of the survivors who was on board the U. S. S. Arizona on that Sunday morning, Marine Corporal E. C. Nightingale.

Take time today to remember.  Be sure to thank a veteran or someone in active service to our country.  The veterans have been there, and those on active duty now stand ready to give the ultimate sacrifice at a moment’s notice so we can remain free.

Thank you all veterans and service men and women, past and present.  We owe you a debt that can never be repaid.


Pretty much enough said.  The Turkish ambassador could pass very easily for a Washington politician.  We have the same lack of reaction to Christians being murdered every day by Muslims for no other reason than they are Christians.  Too bad we don’t have anyone in the U.S. that has Mr. Stadler’s backbone to tell the truth.  But then, the words “government” and “truth” in the same sentence IS an oxymoron.


Now that the mid-term elections are over, I think there are many who think the work is done now that most of the incumbent Democrats have been voted out.  This was the biggest shift in political power since the ’30’s.  Yes, this was a major victory for mainstream America and the death knell for Obama’s socialist agenda.  We The People sent a very loud and clear message that we want the current policies of runaway deficit spending and the push for a Socialist America to stop.

But the work isn’t done, and we can’t afford to sit back and relax now.  Instead, we should ramp up our efforts and keep the pressure on.  I have been telling people for months that if the incumbent Democrats are voted out, then the Obama administration and other left wingnut Democrats in Congress would try to do as much damage as possible before the newly elected Congress people take office in January 2011.

Now, here it is.  According to an ARTICLE in the Huffington Post that appeared October 29, 2010, Senate Temporarily-Majority Leader Harry Reid said he would bring the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act up for a vote in the Senate after the November elections regardless of whether or not the Dems kept their majority or not.  I think what he was really saying was what I said: do as much damage as possible before his leftist cronies leave office.  Senator Reid, like the rest of us, knew months ahead of time there was going to be a huge shift in political power after the mid-terms that would result in the left losing control of Congress.

What the DREAM Act says in a nutshell (pun intended) is that a child that enters the U. S. ***illegally*** and has been here for at least five years cannot be denied higher education (taxpayer funded) benefits  and the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security could stop the deportation process of a qualifying illegal alien if they are enrolled in college.  You can just imagine the fraud possibilities there to get around Federal law – enroll in 1 class, nothing in the DREAM act says they have to be attending, get to stay here after breaking the law to get here.  Nice. (SOURCE)

Now we have the Senate passage of S. 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act.  The way this bill is WORDED, the main thing that will be in danger in the immediate future will be the food co-ops and the Amish.  As I have posted about before, the Federal government and some state governments have been attacking food co-ops and the Amish. Down the road, one person with the FDA has the power to issue new regulations without Congressional (We The People’s) approval.

Two Georgia senators, SENATOR SAXBY CHAMBLISS and SENATOR JOHNNY ISAKSON helped write the original legislation. So, my wife wrote to Senator Isakson and I wrote to Senator Chambliss.  They both wrote back and interestingly enough voted against the final passage of the bill.  They both responded that the way the bill was originally written, it was to improve the FDA’s ability to ensure food safety.

Here is what Senator Isakson said which is basically what Senator Chambliss said too:

“On November 30, 2010, S.510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, passed the Senate by a vote of 73-25.  While I was an original cosponsor of S.510, I voted against final passage of the Senate bill.  In several last minute changes made behind closed doors, Senate Democrats added numerous costs, and numerous new regulations that will require more government employees and a lot more government intervention.  To add insult to injury, Senators were then denied the opportunity to offer amendments to improve the bill during the debate on the Senate floor.  In essence, the modified bill was no longer a good piece of legislation.”

They both also expressed concerns about not having “an open and transparent conference with the House of Representatives before the final bill is sent to the President for his signature.”

“Behind closed doors” . . . sound familiar? That’s been going on with the Democratic majority in this Congress since Obama took office – backroom deals, votes at 3:00 a. m., secret meetings.

And now, Obama is delaying his Hawaiian vacation to try and raise your taxes. (SOURCE 1) (SOURCE 2) 

So again, whatever happened to “95% of Americans will actually receive a tax cut?”  Us 95%ers would like to know although we all know the answer to that one.

The soon-to-exit Democrats are intent on doing as much damage as they possibly can before they have to leave in January.  We must keep the pressure on to stop this.

Those of you who have lame duck Democrats representing you in Congress should be e-mailing them about things like this.  While they don’t have anything to lose personally at this point since they have already lost their seats, they now must think about what is best for their party and voting against the will of their constituents isn’t it.  More of them will be coming up for re-election in 2012.  If we remain silent as we have over the past few weeks, the results will be disastrous.  Our fight to stop the destruction of our freedoms and way of life isn’t over . . . it’s just begun.