Did you think by the title this would be a scene from Egypt or somewhere else in the Middle East?  It’s not.  It’s right here in the United States, specifically Dearbornistan, Michigan.  In the following video, Christians are being attacked with rocks, milk crates, eggs, and whatever else the Muslims find handy. Be forewarned there is graphic profanity used by the peace-loving Muslims.  The Dearborn Police were right there, but did nothing . . . 

. . . except make the Christians leave.  As someone in the video said, this just teaches them that if they riot, they get what they want.  Do not be fooled by the false propaganda that Muslims in America are not the violent ones, but are from a different sect that does not support terrorism or violence.  Remember, a poll of this “different sect” showed that 400,000 American Muslims believed suicide bombing to be justfiable.  This same “different sect” has never publicly condemned Islamist terrorism either.  This video shows the real deal.  If it goes unchecked, incidents like this will become widespread . . . right in your hometown.  


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