Aerial covert surveillance of American citizens has started.  Who is conducting this covert surveillance?  The CIA? The NSA? Nope . . . the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY.    It actually started almost ten years ago under the guise of looking for environmental violations by mid-Western cattle ranchers, but nobody knew about it until now.  According to the EPA, they fly over power plants and “other facilities” nationwide looking for EPA regulation violations.  Apparently, some regional EPA officials let it slip at a meeting with ranchers in West Point, Nebraska about three months ago.  Government planes are not used, so they can’t be spotted by just looking at the type of aircraft.  The EPA says it leases small planes from which photographs are taken.

Ranchers complained to their Congressmen and in turn all five of Nebraska’s Congressmen sent a letter to the EPA’s administrator, LISA JACKSON, demanding to know on what basis of legal authority the EPA was conducting the flyovers and taking pictures of private property which included private homes (SOURCE).  According to one of the ARTICLES, there were three flyovers in Iowa in 2010, five in 2011, and one so far this year.  There were six flights last year and three so far this year in Nebraska.  And guess what? The EPA has two more flights planned for this year in each state in spite of the wishes of  members of Congress representing American citizens.  Obviously, the EPA has been allowed to gain too much power and needs to be reigned in.  

So, the next time you see one of these flying over . . .

. . . just smile and wave.  It may just be your friendly neigbhorhood EPA secret agent.

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