There are a number of states that have passed what is known as nullification laws.  These are laws that simply state that, according to the TENTH AMENDMENT of the U.S. Constitution, citizens of these states may not be forced to buy anything against their will that is ordered by the Federal government.  State legislatures passed these laws in response to Obamacare forcing states to set up health insurance exchanges, and also forcing those without health insurance to purchase it regardless of whether or not they can afford it.  Anyone who refuses to buy health insurance is subject to enforcement action from the Internal Revenue Service.  The IRS has hired 20,000 additional agents who have the sole task of dealing with the resistors.  


The initial penalties are the taking of a portion of one’s income tax refund at an increasing rate for each year of noncompliance.  This obviously hits low income people the hardest since many cannot afford to spend one more penny on anything.  Under Obamacare, they have the choice of taking food off the table or saying goodbye to their tax refunds.  How benevolent of the President.  He did say during his 2008 campaign that he would ensure that all Americans had health insurance.  Everyone hearing it assumed “free”.  He never said that.  Americans should learn to pay attention.



Now, according to an ARTICLE in the New American, President Obeyme has not just accepted the nullification laws and moved on. Not a chance. Federal agents from the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES will assume total control of health insurance in the states that have asserted their Tenth Amendment rights. By the way, the Department of Health and Human Services has “agents?”  Incredible.  Do they have a share of those billions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition the government has purchased?


If this isn’t enough, it gets better.  In Oklahoma, where this blatant disregard for the Constitution is taking place as we speak, the Feds are demanding “all group and individual health insurance policy forms, certificates, riders, endorsements, and amendments, as well as any other requested material pertinent to the market reforms of the Affordable Healthcare Act” for review.  So much for healthcare privacy.  Of course, the government is doing this without our consent.  


As the article states, this is the first shot across the bow from this administration to resistors.  It’s more and more obvious as time goes on this administration has absolutely zero regard for the will of the people and the Constitution.  But, that’s nothing new, is it?