A victim of one the WEATHER UNDERGROUND‘s bombing attacks talks about it and President Obama’s relationship with WILLIAM “BILL” AYERS who ordered the attack on this man’s home.

Obama can deny his knowledge of Ayers’ activities in the past all he wants to, but he knows now and still maintains his association with this man.  Ayers to this day does not regret his terrorist activitieis.
If this had been Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, or Ron Paul instead of Obama, we would have been hearing this non-stop twenty-four hours a day in 2008 and now.


Here is a video of a woman who was born during the time of Hitler, and grew up in East Germany under SOVIET rule.  She knows first hand the progression towards totalitarianism, and sees the parallel here in the U.S. that has been happening for decades, but has been accelerated by the Obama administration.  Listen very carefully to what she has to say.

Very interesting that Hitler provided state-run healthcare.  Obama said during his presidential campaign in 2008 that he wanted a single payer system (the government).  This administration has taken over a major automaker (GOVERNMENT MOTORS anyone?). 
Obama said he favored the redistribution of wealth during his 2008 campaign.  We’ve seen how well that has worked throughout history: Soviet Union, China, Cuba, etc., etc., and etc.  In our history books now, Communism is glossed over.  Missing are the pictures of the people in abject poverty, the bread lines, and the millions of people that have been murdered by Communist regimes.
During his campaign, Obama was very clear about what he wanted to do if elected.  As a matter of fact, he was one of the clearest candidates I have heard in years.  He was very clear about his Communist agenda.  Since he has been elected, he has followed that path exactly.  The only reason we are not closer to a Communist state than we are now is because Obama had a lot of trouble with support by his own party in a Congress that controlled both houses until the mid-term elections.  That should tell everyone something about just how radically left Obama is.

Remember in November . . . a vote for Obama is a vote for a continued move towards Communism.     





Pay particular attention to what he says starting at 3:05. Very true.














Obama’s refusal to listen to any plan other than one that would raise the debt ceiling once again so they can spend, spend, spend, has left us with just “change.” For the first time in our history, the U. S. has lost its AAA credit rating.  


Your tax dollars and mine are still going to ACORN through back door funding of an ACORN offshoot, the AFFORDABLE HOUSING CENTERS OF AMERICA.  And looky HERE: the ACORN website is still up even though there are no recent posts. Wonder where the money to keep the website up is coming from? Just wondering.

Anyway, the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to AHCOA despite a 2009 Federal law cutting taxpayer funding of ACORN and its affiliate, the DEFUND ACORN ACT.  At the time the law was enacted, AHCOA was known as the Acorn Housing Corporation, Inc. It filed papers last year changing it’s name to AHCOA. 

According to the Federal government’s website, USASPENDING.GOV, AHCOA, still listed as the ACORN Housing Corporation, Inc., received $461,086.00 in January 2011 from HUD. Click HERE for the listing.  More recently in March of this year, HUD granted AHCOA $79,819 (click HERE for the listing on HUD’s website, and scroll down to Florida).

As you may recall, ACORN employees had been caught fraudulently registering voters such as cartoon characters and professional athletes (without the athletes’ knowledge of course), giving information on how to evade taxes, and immigration and child prostitution laws.  And, HUD’s inspector general last year conducted an audit of AHCOA and found that it had “inappropriately” spent over $3.2 million dollars in grants that was supposed to have been used in eliminating lead poisoning in its housing program.  That’s a lot of lead.  A lot of the money went instead to fattening AHCOA employees’ wallets, and continuing to pay some after they were no longer employed by AHCOA. (Click HERE for the story by The Examiner).

In spite of all of this, and the fraud investigations taking place during Obama’s tenure in office, we find he is still taking care of his political cronies.  If it were possible, I think it would be very interesting to follow this money trail all the way to the lowest common denominator.  I believe we would find the list of names quite interesting to say the least.