A victim of one the WEATHER UNDERGROUND‘s bombing attacks talks about it and President Obama’s relationship with WILLIAM “BILL” AYERS who ordered the attack on this man’s home.

Obama can deny his knowledge of Ayers’ activities in the past all he wants to, but he knows now and still maintains his association with this man.  Ayers to this day does not regret his terrorist activitieis.
If this had been Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, or Ron Paul instead of Obama, we would have been hearing this non-stop twenty-four hours a day in 2008 and now.


Here is an article from Tabitha Hale about FREEDOM WORKS’ response to Lance Baxter aka D. C. Douglas’s voicemail he left at Freedom Works. The comment was, shall we say, less than complimentary. Baxter/Douglas was the voice at the end of GEICO commercials, and the company, not wishing to be involved in the negative publicity surrounding the incident, terminated Douglas after the Freedom Works CEO publicly identified Douglas on BIGGOVERNMENT.COM. It could also have had something to do with the fact the very demographic of people he was insulting undoubtedly consisted of those who “saved 15% or more” on their auto insurance. (SOURCE)

Listen to Baxter’s voicemail:

Be sure to click on the audio of Freedom Works calling him back. He gets the “Porky Pig” effect going, will not even talk to them, and hangs up!
And now for Ms. Hale’s article:

In light of GeicoGate and the recent accusations from the media regarding the violent rhetoric of the conservative movement, I’ve taken the liberty of editing together the voicemails and emails we’ve received as a result of DC Douglas’ call to contact FreedomWorks. Here’s the result.

WARNING: This is intense. Violent language is an understatement. I haven’t censored – only edited to remove names and phone numbers.

Now, just for kicks, go check out DC’s video of messages left by Tea Party members the day we posted his voicemail on Any comparison?


Feel free to post this. Spread it far and wide. Let the world hear the peaceful, tolerant Left in all their glory.


I know this is old news by now, but I have not had the chance to write about this until now. For many of you, this will still be “fresh” news since the mainstream media has said very little about it. Most of you probably don’t know that President Obama walked out on Prime Minister Netanyahu. This happened on March 23, 2010 when the Israeli delegation, which included Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, met with President Obama about proposed housing settlements in East Jerusalem.

The meetings failed to gain a concession from Israel regarding settlements and withdrawal of Israeli forces. So, President Obama walked out on the delegation telling them, “Let me know if anything changes.” This, being translated, is, “Let me know if you see it my way”, or more succinctly, “My way or the highway.” The president then went to dinner and left the Israelis sitting.

This is a major disrespect of a foreign leader that I have not seen in my lifetime, especially of an allied nation. Such behavior on the part of an American president toward an ally is, to put it very mildly, a disgrace to everything this nation has ever stood for, especially when the president has said many times that he will talk to the terrorist leaders such as Iranian President Man-I-Need-A-Job with no preconditions, smiles for the cameras with Chinese President Jintao, and bows to the king of a terrorist nation. That’s effective foreign diplomacy if I ever saw it. Treat those who are our friends like trash and those whose only objective is to destroy the United States like his big buddy and pal.

(Click HERE for the U.K. Times article, click HERE for another account, and for a leftist watered-down version that totally omits Obama’s disrespectful departure from the meeting, click HERE.)

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs’ statement about the highly unusual lack of press coverage and photos of Obama and Netanyahu is still yet another indicator of just how arrogant this administration is. In an apparent response to the press having been excluded, Gibbs said, “I think it comes as a great shock to you and me, but not everything the president does is for the cameras and for the press.” No, just those things that cozy up to enemy nations, that’s all. Transparency at its finest.

To my knowledge, Prime Minister Netanyahu is the only foreign dignitary to have been treated so shabbily by the president. Wonder what would happen if Obama walked out on President Man-I-Need-A-Job with those oh-so-warm parting words, “Let me know if anything changes.”