At least that’s what they say.  The U. S. Department of Justice, the renowned guardians of religious freedom, have filed a lawsuit against Rutherford County, Tennessee in an attempt to force them to issue an occupancy permit for a huge 53,000 square foot mosque recently built there despite a court ordering otherwise.  The U. S. DOJ wants it issued before the start of Ramadan which is either today or tomorrow, depending on which Muslim cleric you listen to.

Let’s start with a little background information.

The man behind its construction, Essam Fathy, told a whole series of lies about how long construction would take.  He claimed years, seemingly to garner sympathy to realize a dream, and that just getting the site leveled and the parking lot paved would take one or two years alone.  Instead, construction was very rapid.

In an ABC news ARTICLE from two years ago, Imam Ossama Bahloul said in response to community opposition, “It’s not a huge mosque as they are saying.”  Apparently, he didn’t consider 53,000 square feet huge.
There was a most definite conflict of interest in that Fathy had financial dealings with the Mayor of Murfreesboro, the county seat of Rutherford County.  The Mayor told the county commissioners they had to they had to vote “yes” on the proposed mosque construction or they would all get sued (SOURCE 1).
A stop work order was issued by a court stating construction work had to cease because the county had failed to give the public adequate notice of the plans.  With their usual contempt for American law and American authorities, construction was ramped up to a very rapid rate.  Did any of the authorities do anything to enforce the court’s order? No, of course not. Same thing happened in Brooklyn, New York when a mega-mosque was built on a quiet  residential street.  Court order to stop meant continue with construction.  When it comes to the Muslims, it’s the old unwritten “do not oppose” policy once again.
Now, a former FBI agent, John Guandolo, whose job was to brief the FBI on terrorism and radical Islamic terrorism provides this information:
“- the Murfreesboro Imam is a recognized leader and “jurist” in the Muslim Brotherhood worldwide. He taught “Dawah” in Europe, and was at the top of his class at Al Azhar University, Cairo (4 out of 200) – the most prestigious and authoritative school of Islamic Jurisprudence in the world, and the oldest.
–  The ICM Bylaws asserting primacy of Islamic law were copied from other “Islamic Centers.” Muslim Brotherhood Bylaws and the El Barasse Explanatory Memorandum define “Islamic Centers” or mosques as beehives for activities and supplies for “battalions,” and at some point the beginning and center of violence.
–  The ICM “reading list” of the Imam began with Yousef Qaradawi, who issued a “fatwah” calling for killing of U.S. troops and civilians in Iraq.
–  The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is a “front” organization for the Muslim Brotherhood posing a security threat to Murfreesboro citizens, who are under- educated on the topic of the threat. Both they and the County Commission should have been informed of this threat to enable public participation in the ICM site plan approval meeting.”
There is also the question of who exactly is financing the building of this mosque or why the small town of Murfreesboro, Tennessee was chosen for the site.  There are only 200-300 Muslim families in the area, and only forty-five active paying members of the mosque, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.  No one seems to know from where the money is coming, nor does anyone know why an area with such a small Islamic constituency was chosen.(SOURCE 3)  You can be it is symbolic in some way.  Mosques are built on carefully chosen sites as a general rule to assert Islamic supremacy.  This particular mosque is built right next door to a Baptist church.

Back to the U. S. Department of Justice’s lawsuit.  Despite the imam being tied to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, and other serious questions about the ICM, a department memo was quoted as saying the allegations accusing the ICM being connected to a terrorist organization are “unfounded.”  Really.  The Muslim Brotherhood is not a terrorist organization.  OK.  Glad we were able to clear that up. (SOURCE 4)

Statements from the U.S. DOJ get even more ludicrous. Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez of their Civil Rights Division said, “Our nation was founded on bedrock principles of religious liberty.  The Department of Justice will continue to vigorously enforce civil rights laws that protect religious freedom.  The U. S. attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, Jerry Martin, said, “The United States Attorney’s Office will zealously protect every citizen’s right to worship and assemble.” ”  If that’s the case Mr. Perez and Mr. Martin, why didn’t the U.S. Department of Justice rush to Phoenix, Arizona and file a lawsuit against the city where Michael Salman was prosecuted, convicted, sentenced to sixty days in jail, two years probation, and a $12,000 fine for a having a Bible study on his own property?

Mr. Martin and Mr. Perez apparently don’t understand their own doctrine of the mythical separation of church and state.  No matter how it’s justified, no matter how you look at it, the U.S. Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a religious organization.  Just where is the hue and cry of the liberal left wingnuts screaming about “separation of church and state?  Where is the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the ACLU?”  

One last thought:  If this were a Christian church, does anyone really so delusional to believe the U. S. Department of Justice would have raced in to file a lawsuit to force a local government to permit occupancy of the building in time for a religious observance or holiday?  Not a chance.



Not surprisingly, the outlawed group MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is very actively participating in the riots that threaten to overthrow the Egyptian government according to Fox News correspondent, Greg Palkot who has been broadcasting live from Cairo.  There are no communications in Egypt other than the news networks sending reports and video by satellite.  The Internet has been shut off by the Egyptian government.  All TV stations are off the air.  All cellular telephone communications are out.  Land line telephones are out due to system overload.  So how did the word get out for the Egyptian people to take to the streets?  It was through the mosques and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Click HERE for the video.

I found the Muslim Brotherhood’s website and made a screenshot of the opening page showing their support for the overthrow of the Egyptian government and the idea the U.S. should support the protestors, referring to killed protestors as martyrs, and a direct quote: “Let the freedom rings! Egyptians begining to take control of their country.”  Right under that on the screenshot is a very interesting blurb:  “Obama EXPOSED! American lies about freedom and democracy collapsed at the heels of the Egyptians.”
It seems the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t an Obama supporter, despite Obama’s open support of Islamic rulers and his promise to never go to war with Islam.  Well, Mr. President, I have a bit of news for you.  As can be seen here, the feeling is NOT mutual.  You may not be at war with them, but they ARE at war with YOU!

“MB confirms it’s not leading the demonstrations, only participating as part of Egyptian people.”  Yeah, right, we certainly believe that one.  Wonder exactly with whom they “confirmed” that?  No way to look into it as all the links on their web page just keep displaying the page with their “news” blurbs.

The Islamic agenda has not changed in hundreds of years.  World domination under Islamic rule and Sharia Law is, has been, and will always be the goal.  If the Egyptian government falls, an Islamic government will be installed with most likely MOHAMED ELBARADEI as president. ElBaradei is touted as pro-democracy, but he is being supported by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Since when has anything about Islamic rule and Sharia Law ever been democratic?

If President Mubarek is ousted, then be sure there will be a war waged against Israel. ElBaradei was part of the team that negotiated the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1987, but when an Islamic government comes in, the “president” has little power and answers to Islamic religious leaders.  Look at Iran for an example.  If Egypt wars against Israel, that will be when the Obama administration will have a decision to make: support the Islamic government or support Israel.  There’s little doubt which way this administration would go on that one.