The American Nazi Party has endorsed the Occupy Wall Street protests and is encouraging Nazi Party members to join in.  I have copied the article directly from their website here as the link to specific news items changes.  Here is the link for now if you wish to see it for yourself:

At the very least, this should be quite disturbing that such an organization would endorse Occupy Wall Street.  The two share the common goal of destroying free-market capitalism in favor of a socialist economic system.  This endorsement should make you wonder what other principles these two movements share.
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ANP Report for October 16, 2011

Racial Comrades: I am going to address the issue of this “Occupy Wall Street” fervor that has been sweeping the land like a breath of cleansing air!


This issue is TAYLOR MADE for National Socialists, as well as WN who are serious about DOING SOMETHING – MORE – than shouting “racial slurs” and acting like “poster boys of hate” loons.

After all – JUST WHO – are the WALL STREET BANKERS? The vast majority are JEWS – and the others are SPIRITUAL JEW materialists, who would sell their own mother’s gold teeth for a PROFIT. And MORE and MORE people are AWARE of this truth, are not only NOT afraid to TALK ABOUT IT – they’re shouting it on WALL STREET!

I urgently URGE all of you to TAKE PART and JOIN IN when these protests hit your neck of the woods. Produce some flyers EXPLAINING the “JEW BANKER” influence – DON’T wear anything marking you as an “evil racist” – and GET OUT THERE and SPREAD the WORD! Put as a “contact point” on your literature, our address – it won’t immediately “scare off” some of these scaredy-cats for even looking at our FACTS – for FACTS they ARE!

If you are unable to produce your own leaflets – check out the “support” section of our website – there are a LOT of good flyers there to utilize.

This issue reminds me a LOT of the “GASOLINE SHORTAGE” of the 1970’s – where National Socialists found a HUGE receptive audience, for our viewpoints – per the JEWISH CONTROL of OUR GOVERNMENT and its insane support for Zionist Israel, and the Arab Oil Boycott that hit OUR people so hard.

As I have so often in the past spoke on – the White Working Class – is going PAST, the BOILING POINT, and is quickly reaching ULTIMATE EXPLOSION! THEY want ANSWERS! THEY want RESULTS! All of which this evil corrupt, decadent JUDEO-CAPITALIST SYSTEM is incapable of giving them. WHY? Because its BOUGHT and SOLD to the CORPORATE ELITISTS who are fast turning America into a “South American” style – THIRD WORLD WAGE-SLAVE STATE – ( complete with MILLIONS of BROWN illegal aliens willing to ACCEPT YOUR JOB for LOW WAGES and NO BENEFITS ) where, currently 3% of the population CONTROL 85% of the nation’s WEALTH! And the “GREAT DIVIDE” is GROWING each and every year that passes.

WE – the WHITE WORKING CLASS – have been LIED TO and totally DECIEVED – just the other day, the system APPROVED THREE MORE so-called “Free-Trade” deals. ALL of which mean that MORE JOBS are going to be SENT OVERSEAS – YOUR JOBS! Don’t you CARE? Enough to DO SOMETHING?



Marching over a cliff.
by Steve Davenport

The people of the US have let themselves be led by greedy idiots to the edge of a cliff. If something isn’t done soon, the white middle class will simply cease to exist. We’re practically there already. It’s not just us its the world too. Europe is in meltdown. Thanks to our supposed all-knowing elite, Europe was conned into forming itself into a united country so to speak. The results of this are now apparent. Europe’s nations are trapped like cattle in a corral. They must all march in lock step. There is no room for maneuver. Now the strong economies MUST bail out the weak ones debt, or be left holding the bag. Its kind of like post world one reparations returns. With the same unfairness, and confusion. Europe followed the American example of living beyond your means, and letting the mega capitalists do as they please. The death of the Euro is imminent. No one has the money for unlimited bailouts. How sad it is that the Europeans have no backbone any more. Seeing how the US is just constantly bailing out its rich capitalists, you’d think they’d avoid our mess. Their leaders are just ZOG slaves, to do as they are told.

South Asia has become such a mess for the US, its really amazing. Our ruling elite wages war in an area of the world that is totally alien in customs to us. 10 years in Afghanistan isn’t enough, it now is painfully obvious that Pakistan isn’t our friend, and the US will be soon at war against Pakistan. There is too much friction, and distrust between the 2 nations. The US wants to destroy the Taliban, Haqqani, and AL-Queda groups. They want Pakistan to do it for us. Pakistan wants no part of our wars. So the US will invade and do it itself, over Pakistani dead bodies. More war in South Asia. This is for the good of the country? War between the US and Pakistan is inevitable the longer we stay in that region. We have too great differences. Our elite is ruthless, and determined to get its way.

Our ruling elite have been waging class warfare for quite a while now. Up to now, they’ve kept it low key, so as not to rile the ignorant masses. Now that Communism is gone, they feel its OK to be brazen about it. The rich are dumping the financial mess on everyone else. They intend to never pay taxes. Certainly not their fair share. Did anyone see any millionaires, or billionaires step up to the plate for the big bank bailout, and offer their mucho bucks to help the nation? No, it was the US govt, the American taxpayer, who got stuck with the check. This is truly outrageous. The American middle class is barely surviving, thanks to the big money types, sending our jobs overseas to non white cheap labor (to put it kindly) nations. What nerve. What utter gaul. Then to add insult to injury, they tell us that we need to do away with social programs, as there is no money to pay for them, and pay the national debt, which is now much too high. How can we pay for anything, without jobs? Outsourcing to overseas, while illegal immigrants come in to take jobs. Giving non whites jobs, because of racial quotas, so that whites get shut out of the public sector jobs in their own country. Its now not anymore a white country, then it is a white govt. Having a black president makes it all too clear who’s running the show. We might as well have national ZOG day. It makes as much sense as MLK birthday being a national holiday.

The mega predator capitalist govt/system we have now, is bound and determined to make sure that the white middle class is enfeebled, if not outright eliminated totally. Every opportunity for a decent wage, is being destroyed. Our kids are being left with a world of nothingness to look forward to. Decent wages a thing of the past. It is truly amazing how our rulers don’t get it that a consumer nation needs consumers. People need jobs to make money to consume. They talk about creating jobs, but all they need do is NOT give them away. Giving rich people tax breaks, is senseless. Rich people are rich, they need not spend money. They can happily deposit it in banks, and collect interest. Why would they bother creating jobs? How does that really benefit them? We’ve lived in la la land for too long. We can expect (and should have expected) NOTHING from the rich elite. They have no love for us, nor respect. As far as they’re concerned they don’t need us, and there is no convincing them otherwise.
OK, if they don’t need us, let’s not need them. We need to embrace a new system. One based on race and the folk community, rather then wealth and power. A govt system that needs its people as much as they need it.

National Socialism is based on entirely different premises as Judeo-Capitalism. Its needs and requirements are people based, not money based. We need a system that doesn’t throw its people callously on the garbage dump, or let them be mown down on the battlefield fighting useless wars. If you’re tired of the corruption and misspent money, then you need to support the ANP. Think of every dollar donated, as another vote in protest of the system corruption. Think of every piece of lit given out, as yet another protest against a system of lies, betrayal, and just out and out villainy. Think of every person who becomes a supporter as an ally to guarantee our kids future, and a guardian against the destruction of the white middle class. All this aiming toward a unified racial front to stop the ZOG elite from robbing us blind.

Comrades, National Socialism is NOT some “right-wing, reactionary” ideology that sucks-up to the WEALTHY and the INFLUENTAL no matter “HOW” greedy and evil they are, like lick-spittle SLAVES! NO!

National Socialists are REVOLUTIONARIES seeking a BETTER, HEALTHIER, more COMPASSIONATE WORLD for their children’s needs. By “sitting back” and ALLOWING this growing EVIL to inflict our land – America’s White Workers have basically ALLOWED over these past years – this SEWER that currently SURROUNDS US ALL – to HAPPEN and to FLOURISH. This must STOP!

That TRILLION-DOLLAR BAILOUT to the WALL STREET BANKERS was the LAST STRAW for ANYONE to have to bear! It was SUPPOSED to “FIX THINGS” – just WHAT did it FIX? It’s been BUSINESS as USUAL for the BANKSTERS – while America’s White Workers have FELT the RAMMING and JAMMING, until we have had ENOUGH.

Like I wrote at the time – IF that TRILLION had been GIVEN to the PEOPLE – instead of the BANKSTERS, this economy would be FLUSH with cash! In turn, people would have BOUGHT things, and NEW JOBS would have been CREATED – IF, of course this SYSTEM would have INVESTED in AMERICA, instead of INVESTING in their “GLOBAL ECONOMY” of INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS.

Comrades the “BLINDERS” are finally COMING OFF many Americans! They are SEEING ala the movie “They Live!” – the CRUEL, EVIL ENEMY that CONTROLS America. OUR America! And their ANGER is STIRRING. It’s TIME to FAN those FLAMES! THIS is only the beginning…..

For White Worker Power! Hail Victory! 88!
Rocky J. Suhayda , Chairman


We have here just one more bit of proof of how the liberal Democrats want to turn America into a socialist country with the government running private enterprise.  Here’s more proof using my favorite method, straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth.


I ran across this movie trailer that is a concise but excellent summation of the leftist agenda.  This is in perfect alignment with the progressives’ belief from their beginnings that the Constitution is outdated and has outlived its usefulness.  Some of you who have been on this earth a little while will remember some of this.


This is some excellent video editing, and so very true!


Now that the mid-term elections are over, I think there are many who think the work is done now that most of the incumbent Democrats have been voted out.  This was the biggest shift in political power since the ’30’s.  Yes, this was a major victory for mainstream America and the death knell for Obama’s socialist agenda.  We The People sent a very loud and clear message that we want the current policies of runaway deficit spending and the push for a Socialist America to stop.

But the work isn’t done, and we can’t afford to sit back and relax now.  Instead, we should ramp up our efforts and keep the pressure on.  I have been telling people for months that if the incumbent Democrats are voted out, then the Obama administration and other left wingnut Democrats in Congress would try to do as much damage as possible before the newly elected Congress people take office in January 2011.

Now, here it is.  According to an ARTICLE in the Huffington Post that appeared October 29, 2010, Senate Temporarily-Majority Leader Harry Reid said he would bring the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act up for a vote in the Senate after the November elections regardless of whether or not the Dems kept their majority or not.  I think what he was really saying was what I said: do as much damage as possible before his leftist cronies leave office.  Senator Reid, like the rest of us, knew months ahead of time there was going to be a huge shift in political power after the mid-terms that would result in the left losing control of Congress.

What the DREAM Act says in a nutshell (pun intended) is that a child that enters the U. S. ***illegally*** and has been here for at least five years cannot be denied higher education (taxpayer funded) benefits  and the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security could stop the deportation process of a qualifying illegal alien if they are enrolled in college.  You can just imagine the fraud possibilities there to get around Federal law – enroll in 1 class, nothing in the DREAM act says they have to be attending, get to stay here after breaking the law to get here.  Nice. (SOURCE)

Now we have the Senate passage of S. 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act.  The way this bill is WORDED, the main thing that will be in danger in the immediate future will be the food co-ops and the Amish.  As I have posted about before, the Federal government and some state governments have been attacking food co-ops and the Amish. Down the road, one person with the FDA has the power to issue new regulations without Congressional (We The People’s) approval.

Two Georgia senators, SENATOR SAXBY CHAMBLISS and SENATOR JOHNNY ISAKSON helped write the original legislation. So, my wife wrote to Senator Isakson and I wrote to Senator Chambliss.  They both wrote back and interestingly enough voted against the final passage of the bill.  They both responded that the way the bill was originally written, it was to improve the FDA’s ability to ensure food safety.

Here is what Senator Isakson said which is basically what Senator Chambliss said too:

“On November 30, 2010, S.510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, passed the Senate by a vote of 73-25.  While I was an original cosponsor of S.510, I voted against final passage of the Senate bill.  In several last minute changes made behind closed doors, Senate Democrats added numerous costs, and numerous new regulations that will require more government employees and a lot more government intervention.  To add insult to injury, Senators were then denied the opportunity to offer amendments to improve the bill during the debate on the Senate floor.  In essence, the modified bill was no longer a good piece of legislation.”

They both also expressed concerns about not having “an open and transparent conference with the House of Representatives before the final bill is sent to the President for his signature.”

“Behind closed doors” . . . sound familiar? That’s been going on with the Democratic majority in this Congress since Obama took office – backroom deals, votes at 3:00 a. m., secret meetings.

And now, Obama is delaying his Hawaiian vacation to try and raise your taxes. (SOURCE 1) (SOURCE 2) 

So again, whatever happened to “95% of Americans will actually receive a tax cut?”  Us 95%ers would like to know although we all know the answer to that one.

The soon-to-exit Democrats are intent on doing as much damage as they possibly can before they have to leave in January.  We must keep the pressure on to stop this.

Those of you who have lame duck Democrats representing you in Congress should be e-mailing them about things like this.  While they don’t have anything to lose personally at this point since they have already lost their seats, they now must think about what is best for their party and voting against the will of their constituents isn’t it.  More of them will be coming up for re-election in 2012.  If we remain silent as we have over the past few weeks, the results will be disastrous.  Our fight to stop the destruction of our freedoms and way of life isn’t over . . . it’s just begun.


It really isn’t hard to find examples of the left’s irrationality and terroristic tactics. The left is quick to criticize the Tea Party protests, but what is in the video below is OK.

This is a video of a protest by the SERVICE EMPLOYEES INTERNATIONAL UNION and the NATIONAL PEOPLE’S ACTION, another “community organizing” group. This protest did not take place on public property. It was not a march down a city street. This group of people, with the assistance of the local police, went to the HOME of GREGORY BAER, who is the Bank of America’s Deputy General Counsel. The Baer’s teenage son was at home alone and was terrorized the entire time by this mob. Their son spent the entire time locked in the bathroom. Like any other reasonable person, he had no idea who or what they were, or if their intent was to enter the home or what. Now that this information is public, do you think the SEIU or NPA has issued any kind of apology for this? No, of course not. The reason being this was a leftist protest, not a conservative one. If the Tea Party protestors had done something like this, every bull-horn carrying liberal in the country would have been demanding an apology, an investigation, and we would have had this on all of the news channels 24/7 for weeks on end. By their silence, the SEIU and NPA condoned the terrorizing of this teenage boy.

The ironic thing here is the main theme of the protest was home foreclosures and the bank’s opposition to the government’s version of financial reform. The woman in this video whose son was killed in a car accident and supposedly received a collection call from Bank of America half an hour after the coroner left her home (and I say “supposedly” because the left is known for staging such protests with false stories to further their agenda; the account she gives could be totally false, partly false, or 100% true – we have no way of knowing), complained that the debt collector, who she identified as “Annette”, did not offer condolences upon being told of the family’s tragedy. Instead, “Annette” said that the call was from a debt collector and the call may be recorded or monitored. While there may be debt collectors that may make this announcement live, I have never heard of any. When you hear this statement, it’s a phonebot. Some phonebots are programmed with the caller’s name, and are programmed to start the recorded message when you pick up and say “Hello.” I’ve received a number of these calls (wrong numbers, looking for someone else – this is one the reasons having to change your telephone number really stinks!) and not one made this announcement live. For me, that case a shadow of doubt on her story.

I have a suggestion for this bunch. If you want to get at the real cause of the home foreclosure crisis, go have this same protest on the front porch of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., 20500-0004, (202) 456-1111. Although some of those responsible for the home mortgage crisis, specifically Former Presidents JIMMY CARTER and BILL CLINTON, are obviously no longer in residence. Here’s another video that explains how we got where we are now:

Of course, the SEIU and the NPA are not about to hold Carter, Clinton, or Obama responsible for any of it. Far be it from government to EVER get us into any kind of mess.

Well, the protests didn’t stop here. The SEIU and NPA also stormed BANK LOBBIES with their protests, not considering for even a second young children or senior citizens might be inside terrorized at their terroristic acts. It could have caused someone with certain medical problems to die. They didn’t care. Besides, such actions at a bank are a violation of many Federal laws. You think there was any investigation or arrests? Nope. Nor will they be. Double standard time, it was a leftist protest, so they have the Immunity Idol.

And of course, Obama is tied to the SEIU. Between January 2009 and October 2009, Andrew Stern formerly of the SEIU was a frequent visitor to the White House meeting with Obama administration officials (SOURCE)(SOURCE). Stern retired from the SEIU in April 2010. There have been many other protests including in a CEO’s front yard (SOURCE).

Heather Tobis Booth, formerly of the extreme leftist STUDENTS FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY, is now head of the liberal anti-capitalist AMERICANS FOR FINANCIAL REFORM, which is a major organizing force behind the SEIU’s SHOWDOWN IN AMERICA. Booth is also the founder of USACTION, formerly Citizen Action until REPRESENTATIVE JAN SHAKOWSKY’S husband’s illegal activities caused Citizen Action to collapse into USAction. Just like ACORN’s demise and renaming.

Oh, I bet you’re wondering just how radically left USAction is? Here is another video of the organization’s president, William McNary, embracing the COMMUNIST PARTY OF AMERICA.

Well, you get the idea. And the leftist wingnuts talk about the Tea Party?
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