We have still yet another video of TRANSPORTATION SECURITY AGENCY personnel going way overboard.  The video is self explanatory:

Yes, this little girl was a real threat alright.  I suppose she had something to hide since she was saying she didn’t want to be searched several times.

This is the one that you have probably seen, a little boy being stripped search by TSA agents.

This next video was shows a television news correspondent’s three-year-old daughter subjected to an extensive pat search by a TSA agent with the little girl screaming, “Stop touching me!” the entire time.  Just since when can a CHILD NOT SAY NO??  Anyone else could have been arrested for what you are about to see, and this TSA agent should be.  There is no excuse nor justification.

Do you think for one second that an Islamic child would be subjected to anything like this?  Can you find any videos showing it? No you can’t because it doesn’t happen.  If it did, the entire liberal news media would fly into a rage 24/7 for the next six months with statements condemning the action flying from the Obama administration.  So, just where is the outrage?  Where is the ACLU and their army of lawyers?  Quite silent.

In this next video of a CNN report, please look at this child’s face very carefully.  She’s the biggest terror threat of them all.  After all, she is on the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY’S Terror Watch List.  Watch out, she may be coming to an airport near you, teddy bear in hand.

Here’s a report from ABC affiliate WMAR-TV in Baltimore, Maryland concerning the use of body scanners on children.

The ACLU did issue a statement on this one saying the body scanners were intrusive and should not be required to show personal details of bodies.  The end.  I guess that is somehow to make us all feel better.