A victim of one the WEATHER UNDERGROUND‘s bombing attacks talks about it and President Obama’s relationship with WILLIAM “BILL” AYERS who ordered the attack on this man’s home.

Obama can deny his knowledge of Ayers’ activities in the past all he wants to, but he knows now and still maintains his association with this man.  Ayers to this day does not regret his terrorist activitieis.
If this had been Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, or Ron Paul instead of Obama, we would have been hearing this non-stop twenty-four hours a day in 2008 and now.


I received this from the JEWISH INTERNET DEFENSE FORCE. This video gives the truth about the Islamic goal of world domination and world rule.  Islamic terrorism and aggression has nothing to do with U.S. foreign policy, Israeli foreign policy, or anyone else’s.  This has been going on far longer.  As you watch this, keep in mind the examples cited here are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are far more instances than could possibly be depicted in many videos.


Nothing new, what we all already knew.  In an ARTICLE posted by ARUTZ 7, the Israel National News Service, Wikileaks released documents this past Sunday showing Saudi Arabia provide the vast majority of funding to terror groups such as Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, and others.  Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and others are among the other Middle Eastern countries funding such groups.  A lot of the money is collected from donors travelling to Saudi Arabia during the Islamic month of Ramadan according to a memo from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton date December 30, 2009.  

While the Saudi government has made a cursory effort to discourage such funding (only after pressure from the U. S. to stop it), Kuwait and Qatar have refused to so. Saudi Arabia’s effort was the arrest of forty people who were members of a so-called charity that was funding terrorism, and a “religious decree” against supporting terror groups.  Yessiree, THAT’s taking it seriously for sure.  Sort of like our “formal protests” against terrorist attacks against the U. S. over the past forty years, and we all know what that got us.

And just why do we continue to maintain friendly relations with Saudi Arabia?  Glad you asked.  The relationship between the U. S. is, in my opinion, a symbiotic one.  We maintain a military presence there which bolsters their national defense in protecting their oil fields.  Saudi Arabia is a very strategic location militarily speaking.  In turn, Saudi Arabia “lets” us buy their oil from them.

This is all the more reason to drill here.  America needs to get independent, or at least mostly independent of the terrorist oil nations.  We have enough oil here to last us for many years.  This would buy us enough time to allow the normal evolution of technology to develop alternative energy sources.  The past 35 years has shown that you can’t conserve your way out of a problem.  While conservation and cutting waste (something Washington is DEFINITELY not into doing) are good and right things to do, they won’t solve the problem.  Increasing production here in the U. S. is the answer for the near future to allow technology to develop.  We don’t need to continue to be at the mercy of nations who only like what we give them, and we certainly don’t need to keep on handing our money over to fund terrorist activities.

If we were to become independent of Middle East oil, I think we would see very quickly Saudi Arabia’s true colors regarding the United States.


Here is a video posted by Palestinian Media Watch from PLO aka Palestinian Authority television.  It’s a song, “Bracelets Replaced with Weapons, Pull the Trigger”.  Put this together with a Palestinian editorial, KILLING OF ISRAELIS MUST BE TIMED JUST RIGHT, SAYS PA, and we can quickly see the negotiations taking place in which the U.S. is involved between Israel and the PLO are pointless.  What the Palestinians tell us in English, which is their desire for peace and condemning terrorist acts, and what they broadcast there are two entirely different things.  The Palestinians have refused several times Israel’s offers of 100% of the land they want.  The Palestinians don’t want peace, and they are interested in only one thing:  the total destruction of Israel ala Iran.