Mexican elementary age school children are walking across the U.S.-Mexican border to attend school in the U.S., then walking back home across the border to Mexico. No adult supervision, no papers checked, and a supervisor of all people there says, ho-hum, happens every day.


Chaffetz: Children crossing border after school ‘worst thing I’ve seen’

12:38 PM 04/04/2013


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During a tour of the Arizona-Mexico border Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz dispatched a series of tweets and pictures Wednesday highlighting lax security at the border.

According to Chaffetz, the “worst thing” he saw was young children leaving school and crossing the border back into Mexico to return home.

“Worst thing I’ve seen. 60 elementary age kids leave this school in Naco, AZ,” Chaffetz tweeted.


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Then, unaccompanied, they cross the border to “home” in Mexico. No papers checked. Supervisor said it happens



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“Those kids aren’t tall enough to ride most things at Disneyland let alone cross an international border without an adult,” he added.

The children’s walk home was not the only thing that troubled the Utah congressman.


 Big fence on border becomes very little fence

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 CBP found 500 lbs of pot this morning at DeConcini Port. Found by


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 And CBP found 15 pounds of meth in a bogus spare tire. Found


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Chaffetz’ visit came on the heels of a visit last week by four members of the “Gang of Eight” — Arizona Sen. John McCain, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, and Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet — to the Arizona-Mexico border.

During their visit McCain tweeted they watched a woman “successfully climb an 18-ft bollard fence a few yards away from us.”

Tuesday Chaffetz tweeted about the porous border —noting a border crossing that featured stairs and a handrail.

“As the immigration debate heats up, one of the key metrics is securing the border, and I think everybody on both sides of the aisle agreed that was pivotal,” Chaffetz told The Salt Lake Tribune at the beginning of the week. “The most important thing for me is to talk to the people who are actually out there doing it.”

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that the congressman last visited the border in 2011. Chaffetz is making this trip, with Michigan Republican Rep. Kerry Bentiolio.



There are a number of states that have passed what is known as nullification laws.  These are laws that simply state that, according to the TENTH AMENDMENT of the U.S. Constitution, citizens of these states may not be forced to buy anything against their will that is ordered by the Federal government.  State legislatures passed these laws in response to Obamacare forcing states to set up health insurance exchanges, and also forcing those without health insurance to purchase it regardless of whether or not they can afford it.  Anyone who refuses to buy health insurance is subject to enforcement action from the Internal Revenue Service.  The IRS has hired 20,000 additional agents who have the sole task of dealing with the resistors.  


The initial penalties are the taking of a portion of one’s income tax refund at an increasing rate for each year of noncompliance.  This obviously hits low income people the hardest since many cannot afford to spend one more penny on anything.  Under Obamacare, they have the choice of taking food off the table or saying goodbye to their tax refunds.  How benevolent of the President.  He did say during his 2008 campaign that he would ensure that all Americans had health insurance.  Everyone hearing it assumed “free”.  He never said that.  Americans should learn to pay attention.



Now, according to an ARTICLE in the New American, President Obeyme has not just accepted the nullification laws and moved on. Not a chance. Federal agents from the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES will assume total control of health insurance in the states that have asserted their Tenth Amendment rights. By the way, the Department of Health and Human Services has “agents?”  Incredible.  Do they have a share of those billions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition the government has purchased?


If this isn’t enough, it gets better.  In Oklahoma, where this blatant disregard for the Constitution is taking place as we speak, the Feds are demanding “all group and individual health insurance policy forms, certificates, riders, endorsements, and amendments, as well as any other requested material pertinent to the market reforms of the Affordable Healthcare Act” for review.  So much for healthcare privacy.  Of course, the government is doing this without our consent.  


As the article states, this is the first shot across the bow from this administration to resistors.  It’s more and more obvious as time goes on this administration has absolutely zero regard for the will of the people and the Constitution.  But, that’s nothing new, is it?






Did you think by the title this would be a scene from Egypt or somewhere else in the Middle East?  It’s not.  It’s right here in the United States, specifically Dearbornistan, Michigan.  In the following video, Christians are being attacked with rocks, milk crates, eggs, and whatever else the Muslims find handy. Be forewarned there is graphic profanity used by the peace-loving Muslims.  The Dearborn Police were right there, but did nothing . . . 

. . . except make the Christians leave.  As someone in the video said, this just teaches them that if they riot, they get what they want.  Do not be fooled by the false propaganda that Muslims in America are not the violent ones, but are from a different sect that does not support terrorism or violence.  Remember, a poll of this “different sect” showed that 400,000 American Muslims believed suicide bombing to be justfiable.  This same “different sect” has never publicly condemned Islamist terrorism either.  This video shows the real deal.  If it goes unchecked, incidents like this will become widespread . . . right in your hometown.  


I accidentally came across this on while searching for something else.  This is quite an account.  It’s a little lengthy, but very well worth reading.

Published in the Fall 2003 edition of the National WWII Memorial Society’s newsletter.


Piggyback Hero
by Ralph Kinney Bennett

Tomorrow morning they’ll lay the remains of Glenn Rojohn to rest in the Peace Lutheran Cemetery in the little town of Greenock, Pa., just southeast of Pittsburgh. He was 81, and had been in the air conditioning and plumbing business in nearby McKeesport. If you had seen him on the street he would probably have looked to you like so many other graying, bespectacled old World War II veterans whose names appear so often now on obituary pages.

But like so many of them, though he seldom talked about it, he could have told you one hell of a story. He won the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Purple Heart all in one fell swoop in the skies over Germany on December 31, 1944.

Fell swoop indeed.

Capt. Glenn Rojohn, of the 8th Air Force’s 100th Bomb Group, was flying his B-17G Flying Fortress bomber on a raid over Hamburg. His formation had braved heavy flak to drop their bombs, then turned 180 degrees to head out over the North Sea.

They had finally turned northwest, headed back to England, when they were jumped by German fighters at 22,000 feet. The Messerschmitt Me-109s pressed their attack so closely that Capt. Rojohn could see the faces of the German pilots.

He and other pilots fought to remain in formation so they could use each other’s guns to defend the group. Rojohn saw a B-17 ahead of him burst into flames and slide sickeningly toward the earth. He gunned his ship forward to fill in the gap.


He felt a huge impact. The big bomber shuddered, felt suddenly very heavy and began losing altitude. Rojohn grasped almost immediately that he had collided with another plane.
A B-17 below him, piloted by Lt. William G. McNab, had slammed the top of its fuselage into the bottom of Rojohn’s. The top turret gun of McNab’s plane was now locked in the
belly of Rojohn’s plane and the ball turret in the belly of Rojohn’s had smashed through the top of McNab’s. The two bombers were almost perfectly aligned – the tail of the lower plane was slightly to the left of Rojohn’s tailpiece. They were stuck together, as a crewman later recalled, “like mating dragon flies.”
Fearing a fire, Rojohn cuts his engines and rang the bailout bell. If his crew had any chance of parachuting, he had to keep the plane under control somehow. 
Once inside the plane’s belly Woodall saw a chilling sight, the ball turret of the other bomber protruding through the top of the fuselage. In that turret, hopelessly trapped, was Staff Sgt. Joseph Russo. Several crewmembers on Rojohn’s plane tried frantically to crank Russo’s turret around so he could escape. But, jammed into the fuselage of the lower
plane, the turret would not budge.
Up in the cockpit, Capt. Rojohn and his co-pilot, 2nd Lt. William G. Leek, Jr., had propped their feet against the instrument panel so they could pull back on their controls with a ll their strength, trying to prevent their plane from going into a spinning dive that would prevent the crew from jumping out.
Capt. Rojohn ordered Lieut. Leek to bail out. Leek knew that without him helping keep the controls back, the plane would drop in a flaming spiral and the centrifugal force would prevent Rojohn from bailing. He refused the order.


Meanwhile, German soldiers and civilians on the ground that afternoon looked up in wonder. Some of them thought they were seeing a new Allied secret weapon – a strange eight-engined double bomber. But anti-aircraft gunners on the North Sea coastal island of Wangerooge had seen the collision. A German battery captain wrote in his logbook at 2:47 p.m.: “Two fortresses collided in a formation in the NE. The planes flew hooked together and flew 20 miles south. The two planes were unable to fight anymore. The crash could be awaited so I stopped the firing at these two planes.” 
Two of the six men who parachuted from Rojohn’s plane did not survive the jump. But the other four and, amazingly, four men from the other bomber, including ball turret gunner Woodall, survived. All were taken prisoner. Several of them were interrogated at lengt h by the Germans until they were satisfied that what had crashed was not a new American secret weapon. 
Rojohn, typically, didn’t talk much about his Distinguished Flying Cross. Of Leek, he said, “In all fairness to my co-pilot, he’s the reason I’m alive today.”

A great story. I wonder how many more stories like this one are lost each day as members of the Greatest Generation pass on.



When I read this, I simply could not let this story fade into the past.  I had to pass it on. 





Like so many veterans, Rojohn got back to life unsentimentally after the war, marrying and raising a son and daughter. For many years, though, he tried to link back up with Leek, going through government records to try to track him down. It took him 40 years, but in 1986, he found the number of Leek’s mother, in Washington State.

Yes, her son Bill was visiting from California. Would Rojohn like to speak with him? Two old men on a phone line, trying to pick up some familiar timbre of youth in each other’s voice. One can imagine that first conversation between the two men who had shared that wild ride in the cockpit of a B-17.

A year later, the two were re-united at a reunion of the 100th Bomb Group in Long Beach, Calif. Bill Leek died the following year.

Glenn Rojohn was the last survivor of the remarkable piggyback flight. He was like thousands upon thousands of men — soda jerks and lumberjacks, teachers and dentists, students and lawyers and service station attendants and store clerks and farm boys — who in the prime of their lives went to war in World War II. They sometimes did incredible things, endured awful things, and for the most part most of them pretty much kept it to themselves and just faded back into the fabric of civilian life.

Capt. Glenn Rojohn, AAF, died last Saturday after a long siege of illness. But he apparently faced that fina l battle with the same grim aplomb he displayed that remarkable day over Germany so long ago. Let us be thankful for such men. 


I know this is old news by now, but I have not had the chance to write about this until now. For many of you, this will still be “fresh” news since the mainstream media has said very little about it. Most of you probably don’t know that President Obama walked out on Prime Minister Netanyahu. This happened on March 23, 2010 when the Israeli delegation, which included Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, met with President Obama about proposed housing settlements in East Jerusalem.

The meetings failed to gain a concession from Israel regarding settlements and withdrawal of Israeli forces. So, President Obama walked out on the delegation telling them, “Let me know if anything changes.” This, being translated, is, “Let me know if you see it my way”, or more succinctly, “My way or the highway.” The president then went to dinner and left the Israelis sitting.

This is a major disrespect of a foreign leader that I have not seen in my lifetime, especially of an allied nation. Such behavior on the part of an American president toward an ally is, to put it very mildly, a disgrace to everything this nation has ever stood for, especially when the president has said many times that he will talk to the terrorist leaders such as Iranian President Man-I-Need-A-Job with no preconditions, smiles for the cameras with Chinese President Jintao, and bows to the king of a terrorist nation. That’s effective foreign diplomacy if I ever saw it. Treat those who are our friends like trash and those whose only objective is to destroy the United States like his big buddy and pal.

(Click HERE for the U.K. Times article, click HERE for another account, and for a leftist watered-down version that totally omits Obama’s disrespectful departure from the meeting, click HERE.)

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs’ statement about the highly unusual lack of press coverage and photos of Obama and Netanyahu is still yet another indicator of just how arrogant this administration is. In an apparent response to the press having been excluded, Gibbs said, “I think it comes as a great shock to you and me, but not everything the president does is for the cameras and for the press.” No, just those things that cozy up to enemy nations, that’s all. Transparency at its finest.

To my knowledge, Prime Minister Netanyahu is the only foreign dignitary to have been treated so shabbily by the president. Wonder what would happen if Obama walked out on President Man-I-Need-A-Job with those oh-so-warm parting words, “Let me know if anything changes.”


You read that right. A judge at the U. S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin ruled last week that the National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional. The FREEDOM FROM RELIGION FOUNDATION, representing it’s 13,700 members (LAWSUIT TO STOP NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER []), was filed in 2008. Click HERE for a brief summary of the suit. The suit which has been going through the courts

Judge Barbara Crabb ruled on April 15, 2010 that the National Day of Prayer, established in 1952 but dating back to 1775 (click HERE), is unconstitutional.

Judge Crabbs’ reasoning for the FFRF had standing to bring the suit in the first place was as follows:

“The primary injury plaintiffs allege is the feeling of unwelcomeness and exclusion they experience as nonreligious persons because of what they view as a message from the government that it favors Americans who pray. That injury is intangible.”

That must be just about the most sideways reasoning of any judicial opinion I have ever seen. And I have seen some “doozies” in my time. “Unwelcomeness” from what? “Exclusion” from what? Of course, leftist activist Judge Crabb did not explain these simple questions. It’s because she can’t. Because of “what THEY view”? Sounds like a personal problem to me that less than 14,000 people (there are Facebook pages with more members than that!) should not be wasting my tax dollars on.

Judge Crabb’s further off-the-wall reasoning continues:

“Religious freedom under the First Amendment contains two components, the right to practice one’s religion without undue interference under the free exercise and the right to be free from disfavor or disparagement on account of religion under the establishment clause.”

Let’s take a look at something very subtle here. “. . . the right to practice one’s religion without UNDUE interference . . . ” “UNDUE?” Exactly who defines “UNDUE”? How much interference with the right to practice religion (let’s just go ahead and say it here: practice Christianity; this suit does not refer to the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Wiccans, Church of Satan, or any one of the other myriad religions in our country)? ANY interference is undue. Apparently, Judge Crabb believes that the practice of Christianity can be interfered with by the government. Judge Crabb needs to read the First Amendment and pay attention to it.

The First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF . . . ” I don’t see anything there that permits ANY level of interference, “undue” or otherwise. When the National Day of Prayer was established in 1952, it was not a law establishing any religion. The government did not tell us the only religion we were permitted to practice was _________________ (fill in the blank). It’s a national observance in which those who are not religious can choose to not participate and go on about their daily lives.

The National Day of Prayer is no different than the government establishing Thanksgiving and Christmas as national observances. This is part of the continuing attack on Christianity by a tiny minority of people, in this case, less than 14,000, trying to force their will on the majority of Americans by any stretch of the imagination. Leftist wingnut groups like this avoid the legislative process to advance their agenda like the plague. They carefully pick and choose their cases and file lawsuits to bypass the American people by bypassing Congress and the President.

If this travesty is allowed to stand, I will see to it there will be a day of prayer set aside each year in my community. It’s not too much to ask to contact all the church pastors in this area to organize it and gather at the courthouse to pray. There will be copies of the First Amendment available should anyone from the AMERICAN COMMUNIST LIBERTIES UNION, the FFRF, or any other leftist anti-Constitution groups choose to try to stop me from exercising my freedom.

Oh, by the way, a couple of other points.

There’s a little leftwing propaganda (i. e. lies) floating around calling the National Day of Prayer REAGAN’S PRAYER RITUAL. It was former President HARRY S. TRUMAN who signed it into law April 17, 1952 after a unanimous vote of both houses of Congress. President Truman was a Democrat. Guess that’s why the left prefers to “credit” former President Reagan than admit it was a Democrat who signed it into law.

The FFRF did not count on this: President Obama says he will sign the proclamation to observe the National Day of Prayer despite the lawsuit (NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER DEEMED UNCONSTITUTIONAL, BUT OBAMA WILL RECOGNIZE IT ANYWAY – CBS News.) Wonder what they gonna do ’bout it?


I just got this in on the Associated Press wire via Twitter. The Attorney Generals in thirteen states have filed lawsuits against the Federal government on the grounds that the healthcare takeover by the government is unconstitutional. One of the Attorney Generals is a Democrat. Here’s the article:

13 attorneys general sue over health care overhaul

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Attorneys general from 13 states sued the federal government Tuesday, claiming the landmark health care overhaul bill is unconstitutional just seven minutes after President Barack Obama signed it into law.

The lawsuit was filed in Pensacola after the Democratic president signed the bill the House passed Sunday night.

“The Constitution nowhere authorizes the United States to mandate, either directly or under threat of penalty, that all citizens and legal residents have qualifying health care coverage,” the lawsuit says.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum is taking the lead and is joined by attorneys general from South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Michigan, Utah, Pennsylvania, Alabama, South Dakota, Idaho, Washington, Colorado and Louisiana. All are Republicans except James “Buddy” Caldwell of Louisiana, who is a Democrat.

Some states are considering separate lawsuits and still others may join the multistate suit.

McCollum, who is running for governor, has pushed the lawsuit for several weeks, asking other GOP attorneys general to join him. He says the federal government cannot constitutionally require individuals to obtain health coverage. He is also arguing the bill will cause “substantial harm and financial burden” to the states.

Some states are also looking at other ways to avoid participating in the overhaul. Virginia and Idaho have passed legislation aimed at blocking the bill’s insurance requirement from taking effect, and the Republican-led Legislature in Florida is trying to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to ask voters to exempt the state from the federal law’s requirements. At least 60 percent of voters would have to approve.

McCollum was working with officials from several state agencies to determine how much the health care overhaul would cost the state. He said earlier this month, “I can’t conceive of any good in this bill and I don’t think any of these agencies can.”

Under the bill, starting in six months, health insurance companies would be required to keep young adults as beneficiaries on their parents’ plans until they turn 26, and companies would no longer be allowed to deny coverage to sick children.

Other changes would not kick in until 2014.

That’s when most Americans will for the first time be required to carry health insurance — either through an employer or government program or by buying it themselves. Those who refuse will face penalties from the IRS.

Tax credits to help pay for premiums also will start flowing to middle-class working families with incomes up to $88,000 a year, and Medicaid will be expanded to cover more low-income people.

No Republicans in the U.S. House or Senate voted for the bill.